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Student dormitory

If you would like to stay in a student dormitory, you must apply online as soon as possible after you have received the admission letter (the dormitories “Sewanstrasse”, “Aristotelessteig”, “Allee der Kosmonauten”, “Ferdinand Thomas”, "Victor Jara" and “Hans und Hilde Coppi” located in the district of Lichtenberg are closest to the university).

You can apply via the residence portal of the Student Union Berlin (English and German version available). You will need a copy of the admission letter and the proof that you have paid the required fees for the programme. This confirmation will be issued by and sent to you by the MIDE office upon the receipt of your payment.

There is a long waiting list for dormitories, so please proceed with the reservation immediately in order to have a good chance to have place to stay when you arrive.

Alternative places to stay

Accommodation in student dorms is scarce, thus several MIDE students live in privately run places all over town. You may also wish to consider looking for a room in a shared apartment (Wohngemeinschaft or WG). This is how many German students live during their studies. There are also housing agencies known as Mitwohnzentralen, which cater for a variety of accommodation needs. Some useful accommodation links are listed below: