Table of contents

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the 18-month programme is € 2,000, which is payable in two instalments. The first instalment of € 1,000 is due in January of the year prior to the beginning of studies. The second instalment of €1,000 is due by 1 September in the year in which studies commence.

Semester fee

In addition to the tuition fee for the programme, students are also subject to a semester fee of around €300 (subject to change). This fee must be paid prior to the start of each semester. The semester fee covers a ticket providing free travel on all public transport in Berlin, an administrative fee and contributions to ASTA (the student union) and the Studentenwerk (the organisation that runs student cafeterias and residence halls throughout Berlin). Please see the university website for further information regarding this fee.

Living expenses

In addition to the tuition fee, students require approximately € 800-900 per month to cover living expenses.

  • Accommodation: € 300-400
  • Food: € 200-300
  • Compulsory health insurance: € 78
  • Cultural events: € 100
  • Public transport: included in semester fee