Preparatory reading

We kindly ask applicants to prepare for the first study semester with some reading. This will help to establish a common academic level in the lectures and seminars, based on similar prior qualifications. First of all, applicants should be familiar with the basics of undergraduate micro- and macroeconomics, including trade and international economics. They should have read one of the many standard textbooks that are competing on the market, e.g.

  • Taylor, Mark P.; Mankiw, N. Gregory: Macroeconomics, last edition, Cengage Learning Emea.
  • Stiglitz, Joseph; Driffill, John: Economics, last edition, Norton & Company.
  • Goodwin, Neva R.: Principles of Economics in Context, M.E. Sharpe, New York et al., last edition.
  • Krugman, Paul R.; Obstfeld, Maurice: International Economics, Pearson, latest edition.

MIDE also offers an online tutorial for Macro and International Economics. The login information will be provided before the start of the programme, in March.