Intercultural seminar on integration and conflict resolution for international development cooperation

Every year in the summer term, first semester MIDE students take part in a four-day intercultural seminar in Warnemünde, the Baltic Sea, and through group work and practical exercises improve their integration and conflict solving skills. The seminar is professionally executed by the „Global Experts and Training Services (GETS) director, Mrs. Antje Schöne and her team of cultural experts.

The following goals were pursued with the execution of the intercultural seminar by the study program’s management:

  • Awareness of opportunities and potentials of cultural differences
  • Developing the basics for a specific "group culture"
  • Managing the participants' acquaintance process with regards to dealing with each other in a respectful and conflict free manner. The seminar and the close contact of the students during the excursion should favorably influence the group cohesion and the working atmosphere in the study program
  • Early implementation of the positive effects of multiculturalism and their usefulness for the group success throughout the entire duration of the program
  • Development policy benefits: The knowledge and experience gained by the graduates during the intercultural seminar should be used in the home country in a developmentally beneficial way. At the same time the seminar promotes the closing of international contacts and joint projects, both with positive effects for development processes in the respective countries.

This years' intercultural seminar took place between 06.06. and 09.06.17. On 06.06.2017 a harbor cruise from Warnemünde to Rostock took place in the afternoon followed by a guided city tour through Rostock. The MIDE students had the chance to visit one of the biggest harbors in Germany and get to know more historical facts about Rostock.

On the two seminar days (07.06./08.06.2017) the MIDE students shared their personal experiences with different cultures, learnt to think outside of the box and how to detect sources of misunderstanding due to different cultural background early on in order to escape conflicts building.  

On the evening of 07.06.2017 a get-together barbecue took place at the youth hostel to further promote the sense of community that had already developed during the seminar.

Altogether, the intercultural seminar had a very positive influence on the MIDE students as a group. They were able to build a solid relationship with each other and showed a high willingness to cooperate and help one another.  Last but not least, the trip to another, rather agricultural state, like Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, gave the participants the opportunity to experience a different Germany – one with many agricultural and green areas, as well as swim in the waters of the Baltic Sea.