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Does HTW Berlin offer language and sports programmes?

The university offers an intensive two-week German language course for beginners in March each year (9.45 am-1.00 pm, Monday-Friday). The language course is not mandatory and costs an extra € 70.00. Please register for this language class with the MIDE office. German classes as well as classes in English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc. are also offered during the semester. HTW students are allowed to attend these classes at no additional cost. It is also possible to participate in the HTW Berlin sports programme.

How do I register my Master’s thesis?

Students must submit the proper application form [PDF] prior to starting work on their master's thesis. The deadline for submitting the application is at the end of the lecture period of each study term. The application should contain a topic proposal and state a preferred first thesis supervisor. Students are also free to suggest a second supervisor. For further information regarding the master thesis, please visit MIDE's http://mide.htw-berlin.de/fileadmin/HTW/Stg/MIDE/Thesis-Guideline_02.pdfthesis guidelines [PDF].

Can the 18-month-programme be shortened?

With the permission of the primary thesis supervisor, students can begin to write their Master's thesis immediately after the second semester, thus shortening the programme by a few months.

Can I work during my studies?

International students are allowed to annually work 120 full days (> 4h/day) or 240 half days (4h or less per day). However, it will be:

  1. rather difficult to find a job if you do not speak German
  2. challenging to find time due to the full-time character of the programme. Also, attendance is mandatory in all courses.

Usually students have time to work during the semester breaks (approx. 6 weeks in August/September as well as February/March respectively).

Scholarship holders are allowed to work with prior permission from the programme director and the DAAD. Permission depends on academic performance and type of work.

What about doing an internship during MIDE studies?

Internships are not a mandatory part of the study programme. However, some students choose to gain or deepen their professional experience by doing an internship (e.g. Internships in Peru). If you wish to do an internship, you can apply for an internship semester during which you are allowed to work on a full-time basis.