Master's thesis

During the third semester students are primarily engaged in writing their master’s thesis.

The thesis application form as well as further details regarding the application process can be obtained here.

Information on application and writing period dates, guidelines concerning the choice of topic and supervisors as well as required documents is available for download under “Thesis Guideline”. This form furthermore specifies the evaluation criteria which supervisors follow as well as frequent difficulties that students have experienced while writing. Please read the form carefully and in case of questions contact the MIDE Office.

It is also possible to lend Master’s theses of MIDE alumni from the library to get a better understanding of what is expected or to get ideas for a topic.

Your Contact in the Examination Office

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I am not in the office from 21.02.2020 - 08.03.2020. During this time, please contact my colleague Ms Wilke (room 045) or the Student Service Center or, if you have any problems with your exam registration, Mrs Putschkow (room 044).

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