1st Digital Alumni Conference from 12-14 November 2021: Implementing the SDGs – Practical Challenges, Creative Solutions and Best Practices for Knowledge Transfer and Policy Learning

Table of contents

What this Conference was about

The conference is hosted by the Master's programme in International and Development Economics at HTW Berlin, in cooperation with MA Development Management (MADM) at Ruhr University Bochum and Small Enterprise Promotion and Training (SEPT), University of Leipzig.

Through panel discussions, case studies and workshops, it addresses the obstacles and challenges of implementing the SDGs in the practical world, how to overcome them and achieve a successful realization of SDGs, through a process of knowledge sharing of approaches and arriving at creative solutions on a grand level.

Through case studies and workshops, the conference aims to form creative solutions under the framework of know-how transfer and policy learning.

The focus of the conference are four SDG-related topic clusters:

  1. Pro-Poor Growth Policies and Pro-Poor Entrepreneurship (SDGs 1 & 8).
  2. Economic Dynamics, Technology, and Infrastructure (SDGs 8 & 9).
  3. People, Communities and Public Utilities (SDGs 6, 7 & 11).
  4. Rethinking Economic Development: Circular Economy (SDG 12).

Conference Report

The Conference Report with the key takeaways from the workshops is available for download here.

Conference Program