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AGEP (Association of Postgraduate Programs with special Relevance to Developing Countries) is a consortium of over 50 German postgraduate programs spanning fields such as natural, engineering, regional, environmental, agricultural sciences, as well as social and economic sciences, and human medicine. What unites these programs is their shared mission to promote sustainable development in the participants’ home countries and to educate students as change agents in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MIDE Graduation 2023

© Photographer Sebastian Wuttke, MIDE Graduation Ceremony 2023

Through the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), selected participants from developing countries are offered scholarships to study in these programs. This opportunity allows them to engage in high-quality research projects, benefit from the research infrastructure, expertise, and resources of German universities and research institutions, and foster cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among researchers from different countries. This can lead to a deeper understanding of global research questions.

Upon graduation, former program participants often work within international networks, addressing country- or region-specific challenges. The goal of the EPOS program and the AGEP network programs is to enhance the career prospects of graduates, enabling them to initiate and support development processes in their home countries more effectively.

The MIDE programme at HTW Berlin is an integral part of the AGEP network.

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