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When do I know if I have been awarded the DAAD Scholarship?

Applicants for the DAAD scholarship will be informed by the MIDE office regarding the status of their scholarship application by late November each year. Applicants who have not been shortlisted for the scholarship cannot be added to the reserve list for this scholarship later on and must look into other sources of funding.

Are there any other scholarships offered by the programme or the university?

No, neither the MIDE programme nor the university can offer other scholarships.

Are there any other scholarships besides DAAD that I could apply for?

There are couple of other organisations that offer scholarships in Germany. The DAAD provides a database with such organisations. However, most organisations require applicants to speak German (interviews will be held in German, regular reports must be written in German).

Will I be able to get a part-time job in Berlin to finance my living expenses?

International students are permitted to work 120 full days or 240 half days per year on a student visa. During term time (April to July and October to February), we would advise you to concentrate on your studies, as the programme is very intensive and will take up most of your time. However, there are normally no lectures or seminars during the semester break (August, September and March) and you may wish to work during these periods.

How do I go about applying for a visa?

The website of the German Foreign Office has detailed information in both German and English on how to apply for a visa, as well as a list of all German missions abroad.

Does MIDE assist during the visa application process?

Applicants have to apply for the visa on their own (visa type: Student Visa, a visa for travelling will not be sufficient and cannot be changed into a student visa when you are in Germany). It is essential to set up an appointment at the embassy as soon as possible, as the visa process might take up to 3 months.

Usually, the appointment has to be set up online via the web page of the German Embassy. It is recommendable to book an appointment for December, as applicants will then have enough time to gather the necessary documents for the visa application. They will also have received the hard copy of the admission letter from the university by then.

While some students wait until they receive the original admission letters via post, we recommend you print and use the ones we send via Email as this is a lot faster and the embassy will accept these as well.

What proof of financial means does the embassy accept?

For DAAD scholarship holders, the Letter of Award will be sufficient proof of funding during studies. The Letter of Award will be sent to the German Embassy by the DAAD. Students who do not receive a grant must usually open a "Blocked Account". The required amount must be transferred to that account before the visa will be issued. This money will then be blocked, meaning that you can then withdraw a maximum amount of 1/12 of the amount each month.

Do I need to speak German?

No. The official language of instruction for the programme is English. The MIDE office can issue a form of confirmation for the embassy stating that German is not an admission requirement for the programme. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that daily life will be a lot easier if you can learn some basic German. Please note that for some countries of origin, knowledge of German is a requirement for obtaining a German visa.

When should I arrive in Germany?

You should be in Berlin at the latest for the Welcome Meeting in the first week of April. If you would like to attend the language training, you should plan to be in Berlin by the beginning of March in order to take the entry level test. DAAD scholarship holders must arrive in Berlin by the beginning of February in time for the intensive German language course provided by the DAAD.

Is it possible to defer the admission?

No. The admission is only valid for the year indicated in the letter of admission.

Can I reapply for the programme?

Yes, all applications are kept for one year, so applicants could reapply for the programme until the next application deadline. In this case, a new MIDE application form must be submitted and an updated CV. Applicants who also wish to apply for the DAAD scholarship must submit the DAAD application form as well as a current proof of professional experience. Applicants may also revise any of the other documents, i.e. the letter of motivation, though this is not a requirement.
Should you have applied more than one year ago, please submit a completely new application including officially certified copies of your university degree certificate and grade transcript.

Is my payment refundable?

Yes. If you have to cancel your study place before the semester starts, we will refund the full service fee and the semester fee (minus 50 Euros administration fee). All refunds will only be handled from May, after the start of the semester.

Applicants who withdraw from the study place after 1 April will not receive a refund of their payment.