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What should I do if the application form doesn't send properly?

In this case, please save the PDF form by clicking on the save button on the left upper corner of the form and send it as an attachment by email to mide@htw-berlin.de.

Does HTW Berlin have a TOEFL institution code?

Yes, we do. Our TOEFL institution code is 8405.

Can I get by in Berlin without prior German knowledge?

Yes, you can. The MIDE programme is taught entirely in English, German is thus not an admission requirement. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that daily life will be a lot easier if you can learn some basic German. Please note that for some countries of origin, knowledge of German is a requirement for obtaining a German visa.

Is it possible to learn German at HTW Berlin parallel to my course?

The HTW language centre offers a wide range of courses that are open to all students free of charge. MIDE students with no German skills are encouraged to take a basic course. There is an intensive two-week course for beginners in March each year, directly before the start of the Master’s programme (9,45 am-1.00 pm, Monday-Friday, a small fee of approx. 70 € must be paid). Please let the MIDE office know if you wish to enrol.

There are also basic, intermediate and advanced German language courses provided during the semester, usually involving one 3-hour class once a week. Students who wish to register for a language course during the semester should do so online during the first week of the semester. Please contact the MIDE office if you need assistance or wish to register for the intensive language course.

Will I be able to get a part-time job in Berlin to finance my living expenses?

International students are permitted to work 120 full days or 240 half days per year on a student visa. During term time (April to July and October to February), we would advise you to concentrate on your studies, as the programme is very intensive and will take up most of your time. However, there are normally no lectures or seminars during the semester break (August, September and March) and you may wish to work during these periods.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) can grant a limited number of scholarships to cover living expenses (service fee is waived for recipients of such grants) for applicants from developing and newly industrialised countries. Applicants are selected by the DAAD in cooperation with HTW Berlin. The DAAD application form is available for download. Should you wish to apply for a scholarship, please indicate this on your MIDE application form and send all application documents to HTW Berlin.

There are also other scholarships you could apply for. You do have to apply for these to the respective organisations. A good starting point to search for scholarships is the scholarship database provided by the DAAD.